Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Showcase: Our Effects in Your Haunts

We want to thank the folks who sent us pictures and video of our effects in their haunts.  It has been great to see how they all work in everyone's haunts.  If anyone has videos and pictures you'd like to show us, please do!  We'd love to see everyone's haunts.
First up is Ryan661D.  He posted some test footage of Daisy a while back.
He was also kind enough to share video of his full Haunt, and, we would like to say, Daisy looks right at home.

Another Daisy popped up in Southern Georgia.  Mark G was kind enough to send us footage of Daisy holding court on the verandah.

Lost At Sea can be a wonderful addition to a Pirate themed haunt as demonstrated by Defenestrator.  He used it in the Tavern section of his haunt, and can be seen in the video beginning around the 2 minute mark.

Finally, at least for now, Kristin from Northern California had a great location to showcase Restless Spirit.  You can see her video here.

We hope everyone had a Happy Halloween and successful haunts! 

Happy Haunting!