Thursday, November 12, 2015

Our 3rd Annual Customer Showcase, Part II

And now, we begin Part II of our 3rd Annual Customer Showcase. It's always gratifying for us to see how our effects work in the field, and we hope you enjoy seeing their uses, too!

First up is the LA Live Steamers Ghost Train in Griffith Park. It's one of our favorite haunts in the Los Angeles area. We created a custom effect for them 2 years ago, and they also use a lot of our effects in various ways. Each year we've been, the highlight of the train ride is centered in a big turnaround towards the end of the experience, and it's different every year. Imagine our excitement to turn the corner and see Electric Specter conducting a Tesla Coil concert (beginning around 14:45 in the video)! This is the coolest use of Electric Specter we've seen yet. You will see quite a few Spectral Illusions effects throughout the nearly 20 minute ride. They also used the audio portion of Waking the Dead in their amazing animatronic tree before the train starts moving (around 3:00 in the video). Thanks to the LALS Live Steamers for their always amazing attraction! 

Video Courtesy: Park Journey

Rick Reiss created a Haunted Pirates den at his home in Temecula, CA. Part of his display was a Pepper's Ghost Accursed Helmsman. He really did a great job with it! He says, "The video of the pirate skeleton provided an excellent touch to our haunt, and we had lots of trick-or-treaters and neighborhood visitors...Thanks for providing your outstanding video products." He also provided a time lapse of his Halloween night! Looks like a great turnout!

Video Courtesy: Rick Reiss

Finally, one of the most elaborate home haunts we've see is from Howard Brightman in West Los Angeles. It nearly defies description! He has built an elaborate facade of part haunted house, part castle which incorporates various props, a hearse, and several Spectral Illusions effects. Once you enter the house, you will see the sheer volume of work put into the place. Every corner, nook and cranny (including the air conditioner vent) is themed and decorated, from a Halloween Village display to a multitude of candelabra hanging from the ceiling. The living room window overlooks a spooky graveyard, otherwise known as Ghosts in the Graveyard. He has a representation of all of the major Universal Monsters, from the Invisible Man near the entrance of the house to the Creature from the Black Lagoon in the backyard pond. Spectacular!

Photo Credit: Spectral Illusions
Thank you to everyone who submitted their pictures and videos! Every year, this has been a particularly fun feature to put together, not least because we get to see what you do with our products. We're looking forward to another great Halloween next year! Now get to planning!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Our 3rd Annual Customer Showcase, Part I

Halloween is done. The props are back in their storage place (well, most of them), and kids are thinking more about sugar plums than costumes. All that means is that it's time to start planning for NEXT year! So, for a little inspiration, here are some great videos and pictures of haunts that used Spectral Illusions effects in 2015.

First up is Faith Landsman from Bluestocking Farm in Burbank, CA. She used Phantom of the Park, rear projected in a window.

Photo Credit: Faith Landsman/Bluestocking Farm
Next up is a great charity haunt in Anaheim that we featured on our blog a few weeks ago. Motel 6 Feet Under is an actual maze that you can really get lost in. Additionally, all proceeds go to BOO! Building Occupational Opportunities, and they help train people to work in theatrical environments while creating a fantastic haunt. A review from has some great pictures, including one featuring Restless Spirit. This is a 360 video from Horror Buzz, also viewable in Google Cardboard. You can scroll around as you watch (look up high for Restless Spirit and Electric Specter).

Richard Yates of Mission Viejo, CA, who submitted a fantastic Daisy last year to our 2nd Annual Customer Showcase, sent in this video and a picture of Ghosts in the Graveyard and Waking the Dead in action in his Dead Zone Graveyard.

Photo Credit: Richard Yates
Chris Gonzales sent us this video of Restless Spirit in his window.

Missi Hickam of Casa de Muertos in Valencia, CA sent us a picture of her yard haunt. She also used Ghosts in the Graveyard. Looks pretty great!
Photo Credit: Missi Hickam
That's not all! We'll have more coming in the next couple of days! If you would like to be featured, but haven't yet sent in pictures and/or video, there's still time! Send links and pictures to!