Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Customer Showcase 2013, Part II

Jeff Baird took a literary route to his haunt this year.  He used Ghost of Prudence Primm, appropriately, in his library scene and Restless Spirit is not far behind.  You can find them starting at about 1:30 in the video.

At Horseman's Hollow in Sleepy Hollow, NY, Daisy the Ghost Bride made an appearance, thanks to Dark Tech Effects.  This is a great pro haunt, and worth a look.

Thomas Wall, AKA User fortinbras79 on, did a lovely Pepper's Ghost with Daisy the Ghost Bride.  You can find information about his St. Louis yard haunt HERE.

In Chicago on Halloween, Kenton Avenue Graveyard was in full swing.  They used both Accursed Helmsman and Lost at Sea.  You can see the fantastic sail he built for his Helmsman at around 0:55 and 0:50 (respectively) of the following videos.

You can see his very effective use of Lost at Sea, too:

Ryan in Santa Clarita, CA used Daisy projected on a cutout in his yard.  You can see her starting at about 1:25.  Looks like she played a big part in spooking at lot of Trick-or-Treaters!

Last, but certainly not least is Daisy the Ghost Bride, projected on a cutout in an upstairs bedroom, brought to us from Julie Chambers in Ontario.

Thank you to everyone who sent us pictures and videos!  We hope everyone had the spookiest haunt on their block, and can't wait to see what everyone does next year!

Happy Haunting!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Customer Showcase 2013, Part I

We hope everyone has had a successful Halloween!  Many of you have sent us pictures and video of your Spectral Illusions in action, so we want to show them off to everyone.

First up is user MudbuginTX from Houston, TX who sent us these rear projected gems:

User LittleBlueBMW used a similar rear projection technique.  They really have a great window for Phantom Wraith.

Revenant Manor, a home haunt in Orlando, Florida used both Restless Spirit (in a Pepper's Ghost configuration) and The Haunted Tombstone (projected onto a form).  You can see them starting around 0:53 in the video, but the whole haunt is very well done.

Dark Lane Haunted Attraction in Childersburg, AL used Ghostly Hearse.  The haunt even made the local news.  The attention to detail at this haunt is fantastic.

The Haunting of Nuevo is a fundraiser for the Nuview Elementary School in Nuevo, CA.  They used The Ghost of Prudence Primm as well as the Ghostly Hearse.  Let's hope Prudence didn't scare the kids away from the library forever!

We will have quite a few more haunts to feature in Part II.  If you would like to be added to the list, send us pictures and/or video via email spectralillusions @ (remove the spaces) and we will show off your hard work!  Thanks to everyone who has already sent theirs in!

Happy Haunting!