Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Customer Showcase 2013, Part II

Jeff Baird took a literary route to his haunt this year.  He used Ghost of Prudence Primm, appropriately, in his library scene and Restless Spirit is not far behind.  You can find them starting at about 1:30 in the video.

At Horseman's Hollow in Sleepy Hollow, NY, Daisy the Ghost Bride made an appearance, thanks to Dark Tech Effects.  This is a great pro haunt, and worth a look.

Thomas Wall, AKA User fortinbras79 on, did a lovely Pepper's Ghost with Daisy the Ghost Bride.  You can find information about his St. Louis yard haunt HERE.

In Chicago on Halloween, Kenton Avenue Graveyard was in full swing.  They used both Accursed Helmsman and Lost at Sea.  You can see the fantastic sail he built for his Helmsman at around 0:55 and 0:50 (respectively) of the following videos.

You can see his very effective use of Lost at Sea, too:

Ryan in Santa Clarita, CA used Daisy projected on a cutout in his yard.  You can see her starting at about 1:25.  Looks like she played a big part in spooking at lot of Trick-or-Treaters!

Last, but certainly not least is Daisy the Ghost Bride, projected on a cutout in an upstairs bedroom, brought to us from Julie Chambers in Ontario.

Thank you to everyone who sent us pictures and videos!  We hope everyone had the spookiest haunt on their block, and can't wait to see what everyone does next year!

Happy Haunting!

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  1. thanx for posting all......I very much enjoyed looking at all of them, with lots of interests (I might add)....... my hats off to all involved that took the time to bring these props to life.....and politically speaking, I think you've probably touched a lot of lives out there by not only bringing parents closer to their children, but probably keeping a lot kids out of trouble and keeping them safe....... I know for MY yard haunts, just about all of the parents that come to see my setup tell me that they look forward to coming with their kids and seeing my Halloween show EVERY YEAR !!! KEEP IT UP YA'LL GUYS !!!!!! BRAVO, BRAVO !!!!