Monday, August 20, 2012

When Burning your Spectral Illusion to DVD:

Our projections are designed to be seamless looping effects when played from a computer, media server or other digital device.  However, there are some limitations when burning to DVD.  While DVD is often the best or only option for your setup, when a repeat is used, the laser of the DVD player has to physically reset when it goes back to the first frame.  Even the best DVD players will have a few frames of black inserted while the laser resets.  To counteract this, our suggestion would be to string multiple copies of your chosen clip together, end to end, that would create a longer movie that you would then burn to disc.  You would still have the few frames of black at the end of the repeat, but it would be far less frequent.  Effects like our Restless Spirit and Ghostly Hearse would not have so much of this problem as they fade to black and back on each time.

Happy Haunting!

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