Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Method of Delivery

There are several options for delivery methods for your Spectral Illusions clips.  Which one you choose will be dictated by space, location and other concerns.

A computer is one of the best options for your image.   Looping is seamless as it is fully digital.

Media server
A media server is another excellent option for similar reasons to a computer.   It can also network with your computer so you could have multiple effects going on at the same time.

DVD/BluRay Player
When the end of the clip is reached when using DVD or BluRay, the laser must physically move back to the beginning, resulting in a few black frames.  Our solution is to burn multiple copies of the clip in a row on your DVD or Blu-Ray.  This way, the clip will play several times in a row before the laser has to reset.

Smartphone/Tablet/MP3 Player
Some smartphones, tablets and MP3 players have video out (HDMI, RCA, etc.).  These can be highly effective as they are smaller and easier to hide with your projector.  Check manufacturer information for compatibility.

Digital Picture Frame
We would recommend a digital picture frame primarily for a direct view effect, such as our "Runny Man" or "Lost at Sea" effects.  They could also be used effectively in a Pepper's Ghost setup when a more compact design is desired.

We are sure you will find the perfect delivery method for your haunt.  Resolution, location and size constraints will need to be factored in when making a decision about what works best for you.

Happy Haunting!

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